Metropolitan Hotel Sofia,
a member of Radisson Individuals

Why join the MET team?

Friendly atmosphere for work, good organization and positivity.

Peace of mind, feeling of a cozy home and belonging to one big family where everyone helps each other.

Concern of the owners for the team, respect each person, correct as an employer, give employees the opportunity to upgrade their skills, combine work with their education.

Varied and dynamic working days, which makes you always active and adaptable.

Communication with different and interesting people, challenges that teach you how to react in complex situations and develop you as a person.

Кristiyan Petkov

My name is Kristiyan Petkov - more than 10 years. I am part of the Front Office department and together we welcome the guests of the Metropolitan Hotel. This is a different employer that gives employees the opportunity to upgrade their skills, feeling the support of the whole team. Working in tourism creates a dynamic atmosphere for me every day, which teaches me adaptability and trust. Determining the good mood at my workplace is the feeling of belonging to a big family and the friendly attitude. I am motivated every time we exceed the guests' expectations and manage to infect them with our positivity.

Radka Popova

My name is Radka Popova and I am the HSKP Manager of the Metropolitan Hotel, I have been working at the hotel for 16 years. I have wonderful working conditions, a fair and loyal employer. We are an amazing team that fills me with positivity. The work is dynamic, diverse, with people of different personalities and interests. Here I have an incentive to achieve high standards.

Maria Andreeva

I am Maria Andreeva. I have been working at the Metropolitan Hotel since October 2015. In 2019, I was promoted to Shift Leader (Shift Leader) and from November 2021 I am already a Front Office Manager. The team I lead consists of a total of 13 people. 10 years ago I worked in US as a maid. From then on, I fell in love with the idea of working in a hotel. What I like most is that I meet different people from many countries. Working in a hotel is about making guests feel at home. Metropolitan Hotel is different as an employer in that it values and respects its employees. For me, Hotel Metropolitan is a second home. What motivates me the most is the friendly attitude at work, the close-knit team and the good mood. This is what we have to convey to our guests!​

Radoslava Kamburova

My name is Radoslava Kamburova and I work as a supervisor in the Housekeeping unit of the hotel. I've been here for 12 years now. Employers are loyal and fair. I started by accident, I was only 24 years old and to this day, which is another 26 years, I am still working in the hospitality industry. At Metropolitan, I am motivated by my colleagues and the created good organization of the robot.

Doroteya Slavova

I am Doroteya and I have been part of the hotel team in the Sales and Marketing department for almost 7 years. The hotel differs from other employers in that it cares about the team, as evidenced by the many long-term employees. A friendly atmosphere and a feeling of a family home have been created. Determining my good mood at work are my colleagues and the sense of calm that is created. I find motivation for myself in the challenges that must be overcome every day. Working in tourism, and in particular in hospitality, has always attracted me strongly because of the contacts with many and different people. With us, the working days are never the same, which is great because it keeps you always active.