Bulgarian rose

A Fragrant Tale from the Heart of Bulgaria

Nestled within the embrace of Bulgaria’s picturesque Valley of Roses, Rosa Damascena stands as a living testament to Bulgarian tradition, timeless beauty, and contemporary well-being. For over 350 years, this delicate flower has graced our lands, surrounded and protected by the natural features of our natural landscape.

Also known as “liquid gold” Bulgarian rose oil, extracted from its delicate flowers, stands on the global stage as a leader in the cosmetics industry. Like Italian Parmigiano cheese and French Champagne, it holds the distinguished “Protected Geographical Indication” from the European Commission, emphasising the product’s exceptional quality and uniqueness.

The Bulgarian rose is an aromatic portal to a world where tradition meets modern well-being. Over the past decade, an increasing understanding of its nutritional benefits has been discovered. The rose is a valuable multi-purpose ingredient in food with various functional benefits related to the daily challenges of our modern time, such as controlling stress and anxiety, promoting better digestion and immune systems, and maintaining beauty and youth.

The cultivation of roses in Bulgaria echoes our age-old traditions and weaves fresh imprints into our cultural tapestry with an enduring flourish. When you immerse yourself in the captivating aroma and taste of our roses, you don’t just experience a delightful essence. You take on a piece of our history – the whispered secret of the Valley of Roses.

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