Sofia – Rila Monastery – Sofia – 240 km. round trip

One day excursion to where great writers and ordinary visitors remain speechless.
Departure from Sofia about 9:00 a.m. Return at about 5:00 p. m.
An excursion to the highest Balkans mountain – Rila Mountain and the remarkable Rila Monastery. A relaxing day among nature, astonished by the wild beauty of architecture.
What can be seen:
– The most remarkable and spectacular Bulgaria’s largest Rila Monastery;
– The monastery old kitchen;
– The monastery outstanding church with incredible frescos and paintings;
– The monastery’s museum;
– The exceptional mountain and neighbour atmosphere.

Sofia city tour – 3-hour excursion in Sofia

There is a walking tour and a panorama tour/with car or with minibus – depending on the number of participants/.
The walking tour /usually/ begins from Saint Nedelya Church/Saint Nedelya Square/.

What can be seen:
Church Saint Petka; central bath with mineral springs; central covered market; central department store.
Passing through the subway of the Presidency building the tourists can see the remains of old Serdika and Rotonda Saint George.
Along the Archaeological museum through the city garden can be seen the National Theatre ‘Ivan Vasov’. From the Ethnographic museum and the Art Gallery, which are situated in the building of the old Royal Palace, along the Russian church, passing Rakovksi Str. the tourists can see the monument of the King Liberator. Along the building of the Bulgarian Academy of Science they get to the Alexander Nevsky Square.
The walking tour is finished by visiting Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the church Saint Sophia/the oldest church in Sofia and godmother of the capital/.

During the panorama tour the car/minibus can pass through Simeonovo,Dragalevtsi and Boyana Quarter, cinema center and botanic garden.

Panorama cty tour & folklore evening

Panoramic city tour of Sofia and a visit to a folk restaurant at the foot of Vitosha Mountain called “The Water-Mill”.
The ideal combination of beautiful nature, woods, nice and vivid colored flowers among watermill stones makes this place amazing. During the winter months fireplaces illuminate the stone walls and the breezy garden with circumfluent river through the yard is an excellent place during the hot summer days. The taste of deliciously prepared and perfectly served dishes from Bulgarian national cuisine, a selection of Bulgarian fine wines combined with authentic Bulgarian folklore, rituals and traditions make the visit even more pleasant and relaxing.

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